The American Muslim Women Political Action Committee is committed to connecting and empowering Muslim women to effect change through political and social means. We believe in actively building and contributing to a world where our Islamic values create thriving communities.

Americans come in all colors, shapes, and creeds. Our political process is not limited to one faith, one ideology or one gender.

AMWPAC’s mission is to bring awareness to and influence issues important to American Muslim women. We are mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. We are lawyers and doctors and teachers and bakers. Our political viewpoint is one that has been largely silent. Some even believe that it is our culture or our religion that forces us to be silent.

AMWPAC is created to dispel that myth. AMWPAC operates in order to elect leaders who support our mission.

We are not affiliated with a political party or a candidate. This allows us to freely choose where we will spend our money and on which candidates without regard for party affiliation.