Dear Friends,

Only three short months ago, we set out on an endeavor that at first seemed impossible – to create the first American Muslim Women PAC. But because of the hard work and determination of a few people, and the faith, support and encouragement from people like you, we were able to make a real difference. We, for the first time, gave a political voice to American Muslim Women. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us. 

Yesterday, we did not receive the outcome that we wanted. For many of us, watching Hillary Clinton lose to Donald Trump was painful. It tempted us to give in to the fear, anger, and resentment that we felt.

But that is not who we are. We will take that energy and turn it into action.

We have yet to see the type of president Donald Trump will be. Regardless of that uncertainty, this election has taught us, more than anything, how much work there is to be done. Work to advance our values of inclusiveness, compassion and the freedom for everyone to live as they choose. Work to make our voices heard and to get those elected to office that truly represent our values and our community. And we are getting right back to it.

In the coming weeks and months, the AMW PAC is putting together a strategy and plan for the 2018 midterm elections. We will look at all the polling data, better understand the electorate and figure out how to get those elected to office that will promote the kind of America we all know and believe in.

We can’t do any of that without your help. 

Spread our message. Donate. Lend your expertise. So that when it comes time for these candidates to run, our voice provides them with the weight they need to win.

I am excited about our future. And I am grateful to know that you are part of it, too.

Thank you again, for everything.

AMW PAC, Founder